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Our brand is rooted in collaboration.

With more than ten years in the corporate event industry, our team is dedicated to connecting our clients to reliable vendors and resources that enable your business to thrive.

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A couple at a business meeting

Our focus is
hospitality & design.

We offer a transformative space with neutral palettes,

and discrete amenities that allow you and

your work to remain center stage. 

Our values keep us accountable.

The Hive is a safe space for entrepreneurs and non-profit founders to take risks, increase exposure, and challenge the possibilities of their brand.

Our mission is simply to help our members do business better. Here's how:

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We maintain a
"How can we help?" attitude.

We know firsthand that planning an event can be tough. However, planning an event, while operating your business, and navigating the daily challenges of life can be even tougher. That’s why our team creates solutions to support visionaries who have an idea but need help bringing it to life. 

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We focus on the details, because 
first impressions matter. business and in life. We understand that optimal success lies in the details of every meeting, workshop, training, and event. We thoroughly review every order, installation, setup, and delivery to ensure our events and services are executed with precision, the first time, every time. 

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We find solutions &
work with integrity.

Challenges arise in the business and event world, so we are always looking for ways to mitigate barriers and reduce setbacks.  We build positive client relationships built on transparency so our members can trust us with their business, knowing we will treat it like our own.


We're cooking up some amazing things designed just for you! Stay tuned.

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The Hive's central engagement area offers a neutral palette, hardwood floors, controlled lighting, and 1,600 sqft of open space allowing for quick and easy configurations.  This area also includes:  

  • A 103" recessed display screen

  • Four 55" smart monitors

  • Built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity   

  • A welcome area with comfortable seating

Beyond the main area is a boutique professional suite that includes: 

  • A tech-enabled meeting room

  • Ergonomic working stations

  • A 55" smart monitor 

  • Whiteboard walls

  • A comprehensive print and mail center

  • A kitchenette

See what our members are saying...

"The Hive is the perfect location for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. I can't wait to host my first retail event and experience all The Hive has to offer."

Keah Cheri', Owner of House of Sheba

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